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About the PUrE2 Software

Building on the original PUrE Sustainable Assessment Software the PUrE Intrawise project has improved and added many new features and additional functionality to the PUrE2 Software. Alongside the existing pollutant and impact modelling capabilities built into the PUrE software building models and indoor air quality models have been added. In addition existing models and tools such as Life Cycle Assessment, Human Health Analysis and Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis have been substantially improved.

Details of an example of a real world analysis undertaken within the PUrE2 Software can be seen here.

Try the PUrE2 Software Now

The latest version of the PUrE2 Software is available for free with no restrictions on its use. In order to download a copy of the software please fill out the form below. You will then be provided with the relevant link so that you can download the software.

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The PUrE2 Software is available free of charge only for non-profit making applications. These include research activities and the use of the tool by commercial organisations to assess their operations and activities but excludes the use by consulting and other organisations purely for the purposes of revenue generation (e.g. through consulting services). By ticking this box you confirm that you agree with these terms and conditions.
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PUrE2Installer.msi [29,832 KB]
The install file for the PUrE2 Software. This executable file will install the PUrE2 Software on your Windows PC.
PUrE2SoftwareGuide.pdf [2,610 KB]
A user guide for the PUrE2 Software. This document outlines the different functionality within the PUrE2 software and will help you get started using PUrE2 on your projects.
Heat_Pumps_Example.psb [688 KB]
A PUrE2 save file containing an example of a project undertaken using PUrE2. This file compares a number of micro-generation technologies in terms of their LCA and Economic impacts.
Incineration_Example.psb [35,192 KB]
A PUrE2 save file containing an example of a project undertaken using PUrE2. This file looks at the air quality and human health impacts of waste treatment options.
PUrE2 Software
PUrE Software
PUrE Software

The latest version of the PUrE Software will be released soon for either screening study or more detailed asessments...


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