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joy, of sympathetic and imaginative pleasure, which could be

Thou seest,—and he would gaze till it became

Nor they from it: their fellowship is secure.

stones and masses of rock are scattered, some defying conjecture

Upon this I shall insist elsewhere; at present let me confine myself to my object, which is to make you, my dear friend, as easy-hearted as myself with respect to these poems. Trouble not yourself upon their present reception. Of what moment is that compared with what I trust is their destiny?—To console the afflicted; to add sunshine to daylight, by making the happy happier; to teach the young and the gracious of every age to see, to think, and feel, and, therefore, to become more actively and securely virtuous; this is their office, which I trust they will faithfully perform, long after we (that is, all that is mortal of us,) are mouldered in our graves.”

Angling I went, or trod the trackless hills


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