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Source global Wall Street Journal     time 2022-12-17 14:57:38
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And 'cause our Sex precipitated first,

That Light can neither dazle nor surprize;

This, and some other such, obtain'd of them a friendly Rebuke, for making my self Old, when I was but little more than Twenty. The Truth is, I believe Grief made me think the Time tedious, every Day of Sorrow seeming a Year; insomuch that, according to that Account, I was as old as the Patriarchs before the Flood. I believe it is in this as in other things; we judge according to our Passions, and imagine others should do the same. The fearful Man thinks he sees Spirits, Thieves, and Murderers: The angry Man, if he sees a Straw lie in his Way, believes his Enemy laid it to affront him: The jealous Man mistrusts, and misconstrues even his Wife's Kindness and Caresses: And so it is on all Occasions of Passion and Fancy. So that when I was out of my Teens, I thought all the Days of Youth were past, and those that could write Twenty, ought to lay all Things youthful and gay aside. But it seems these my young Friends were not of the same Sentiment; but treated me in their eloquent Letters and poetical Epistles, like a very young and beautiful Lady, equal in Years to themselves. Which caus'd me to make this following Reply to one of their Epistles.

Love were not Love in us, but Impudence.

And as to Pride,


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