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the si unit of temperature.

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  He saw what he thought to be pigs and large mountain cats.

  This precious book, bearing on its gilded leaves the first fruits ofAmerica, is now preserved in the Royal Library at Madrid.

  Columbus expresses his dissent from the recent theory, which was thatof Dante, supposing that the earthly Paradise was at the top of a sharpmountain. On the other hand, he supposes that this mountain rises gently,but yet that no person can go to the top.

  This letter was written from San Domingo on the eighth of October.

  For at least twenty-eight years, the body was permitted to remainunder the vaults of this chapel. Then a petition was sent to Charles V, forleave to carry the coffin and the body to San Domingo, that it might beburied in the larger chapel of the cathedral of that city. To this the emperorconsented, in a decree signed June 2, 1537. It is not known how soon theremoval to San Domingo was really made, but it took place before manyyears.

  His health failed steadily, and in the month of May he knew that he wasapproaching his death. The king and the court had gone to Villafranca deValcacar.

  "From Lisbon to the famous city of Quisay [Hang-tcheou-fou, then thecapital of China] if you take the direct route toward the West, the distancewill be thirty-nine hundred miles. And from Antilia to Japan it will be twohundred and twenty-five leagues." Toscanelli says again, "You see that thevoyage that you wish to attempt is much legs difficult than would bethought. You would be sure of this if you met as many people as I do whohave been in the country of spices."While there were so many suggestions made that it would be possibleto cross the Atlantic, there was one man who determined to do this. Thisman was Christopher Columbus. But he knew well that he could not do italone. He must have money enough for an expedition, he must haveauthority to enlist crews for that expedition, and he must have power togovern those crews when they should arrive in the Indies. In our timessuch adventures have been conducted by mercantile corporations, but inthose times no one thought of doing any such thing without the directassistance and support of some monarch.

  [*] I am indebted to T. J. McLain, Esq., United States consul at Nassau,for the following information given to him by the captains of this port,who visit Samana or Atwood's Key. The sub-sketch on this chart issubstantially correct: Good water is only obtained by sinking wells. Thetwo keys to the east are covered with guano; white boobies hold the largerone, and black boobies the other; neither intermingles.


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