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what does the cartel look like

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I was always very fond of a dog and a horse, and had a taste for everything appertaining to these animals. Darky, as the black horse was called, and my dog Bully, were prime favorites with me. If I bore a divided love, it was so equally divided that I could not tell which I liked the best. I was fond of working over the horse, the wagon, the harnesses, and most especially I had a decided penchant for a graceful whip; but I wish to protest, in the same breath, that I never used it upon Darky. Though I was a firm believer in corporal punishment for vicious boys and vicious horses, I did not think he ever needed it. I had a suspicion that Ham Fishley had never had half enough of it, owing to the fact that he was a spoiled child. It seemed to me then that a good opportunity had come to supply the [56]deficiency, even if it were administered strictly in self-defence.

"Where do you live?"

"It's a woman, Buckland!" exclaimed she, clasping my arm with convulsive energy.

"You won't?"

"It is bad, very bad," added he, apparently thinking of the consequences.


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