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Hannibal, as a city, may have many sins to answer for, but ingratitude is not one of them, or reverence for the great men she has produced, and as the years go by her greatest son, Mark Twain, or S. L. Clemens as a few of the unlettered call him, grows in the estimation and regard of the residents of the town he made famous and the town that made him famous. His name is associated with every old building that is torn down to make way for the modern structures demanded by a rapidly growing city, and with every hill or cave over or through which he might by any possibility have roamed, while the many points of interest which he wove into his stories, such as Holiday Hill, Jackson’s Island, or Mark Twain Cave, are now monuments to his genius. Hannibal is glad of any opportunity to do him honor as he had honored her.

Leave not a rack behind. We are such stuff

Next day William Shakespeare took out a license to marry Anne Hathaway. She was eight years his senior.

For he became a call-boy; and as early as ‘93 he became a vagabond” — the law’s ungentle term for an unlisted actor; and in ‘94 a regular” and properly and officially listed member of that (in those days) lightly valued and not much respected profession.


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