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On the evening of May 7th, Macready was to appear in Macbeth at the Astor Place Opera House. The entire auditorium was crowded with an assembly of the most formidable character, resolved that the actor should not be suffered to play his part. There were comparatively few of the friends of Macready present, most of the seats being secured by the hard-handed multitude, who had made the strife an affair of classes and were bent on putting down the favorite of what they called the kid-gloved and silk-stockinged gentry. It is disagreeable thus to recall these

Get you to a place,"

Gives back to Damon life and freedom."

I am his sword, shield, helm; I but enclose

In all the magic strength of truth, they bind

ment, as inferior to a Kirke White writing verses of pale piety while dying of consumption brought on by over-stimulus of literary ambition.

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"6. Kemble and Talma—Their genius has identified their memory with the undying fame of Shakspeare and Racine.


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