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dryer lent trap

Source global Wall Street Journal     time 2022-12-17 14:58:41
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She wrung her hands, and then got up and also stood by the window.

"Now, I know you have some one there."

"Hugh," she said, "I'll never be too grand to take notice of you if you turn out the sort of boy I expect you to be."

"But you are a good deal beside me. It is true you are small; but how old are you?"

"Are you indeed?" cried Jane. "Then may I come with you? I shan't be a bit sleepy if I am walking out in the moonlight. But I thoughtHowever, I suppose rules don't begin to-day."

"No, I'm not solemn exactly; but I want to have other friends. Will you get out, and may I talk to you?"


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