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"I will die...", was the only thought that came to his mind since the arrow was aimed at his head.

His eyes felt heavy even though he wasn't sleepy. They were closing slowly. He struggled as much as he could but that much effort wasn't enough for him to be alive.

Even in this forest fire he was completely calm and didn't Panic since all he thought about was food but that didn't mean that he would just jump into the fire and die or wait for the fire to reach him and burn him to death!

"Runnnn!!!!!!", the big wolf shouted on hearing which the small white pup ran subconsciously with all its might and jumped towards the lake. 3

He had many questions!, "Why did a wolf help me? And why were the humans attacking me?" 10

The others immediately got scared and ran away with all their might since they were no match for something that was a dominant water type and an S Rank beast based on their classification system.

But before he could find their answers he fell in the cold chilling water of the lake and kept on going towards the bottom.


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