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A magical creature like us. I hope you will use your gift wisely.'

'Hello, elf,' he said, and plunged the sword into Holly's chest.

After the battles atTaillte, Frond, the king of the fairy People, had tried to keep mischievous fairies away from human dwellings by imposing magical geasa or rules on fairies. He had used his warlocks to construct a powerful spell to impose his will. Anyone attempting to break these rules would become deathly ill and lose their magic. Now, the spell was fading with time, but it was still strong enough to cause nausea and a dimming of the sparks of magic.

Mulch sniggered. 'I'd like to see him reach into my insides.'

'I could be,' said Kong. 'What do you have in mind?'

'Everything is in the right place. Nothing broken. Now, Artemis, tell me, what is twenty-seven multiplied by eight-een point five?'

'Nevertheless, one more half-revolution of your blade and my father would be dead, and not merely unconscious.'

1 am doing it, thought No.l incredulously. This is really happening.


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