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In England, the procedure was quite different. That new boy there is talking; take 300 lines to write out and keep quiet”.

But a great and new sensation was now to come into my life. One evening a girl without a hat on and without knocking came into my office. Sommerfeld had gone home for the night and I was just putting my things straight before going out; she took my breath; she was astoundingly good-looking, very dark with great, black eyes and slight, girlish figure: I’m Topsy”, she announced and stood there smiling, as if the mere name told enough.

had hardly got out the last words when Cotteril, the son of the Bishop of Edinburgh, got up and called upon me to free his House from any such odious and unbearable suspicion.

He’s very good indeed at figures”, the Mathematical master rejoined, he might be in the Upper Division”.

Ten minutes later he returned again. Come with me”, he said, and I followed him to his cabin — a comfortable stateroom with a good berth on the right of the door as you entered, and a good sofa opposite.


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