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"Here comes the boat from the fort, and I see that Major Pierson is in the stern sheets. I have no doubt he will find you all right," said the captain.

"I am willing to be one of the lieutenants, or something of that kind," replied Percy with becoming condescension.

"The fact that we need the guns and ammunition is reason enough for trying to obtain the cargo."

Christy told all he knew about the Belle, and the owner declared that he had no desire to see the large number of men on board of her drowned before his eyes. The gun the disabled steamer had fired was regarded as another signal of distress, which indicated that the situation was becoming urgent with her.

With some difficulty Christy got upon his feet, and looked about him. A tug-boat lay at the wharf, with the steam escaping from her pipe. There was nothing else to be seen in the vicinity. The sheet of water, which was apparently half a mile wide, had a bend some distance from the wharf, so that he could not see any farther; but he had no difficulty in coming to the conclusion that the water was an arm of the bay.


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