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does gilligan get off the island

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  After a while, my former acquaintance gave over expecting me as one of theircompany, and I began to be known to some whose conversation was helpful to me.

  Having proceeded thus far, I felt easy to leave the essay amongst Friends,for them to proceed in it as they believed best. And now an exercise revived inmy mind in relation to lotteries, which were common in those parts. I hadmentioned the subject in a former sitting of this meeting, when arguments were used in favour of Friends being held excused who were only concerned in suchlotteries as were agreeable to law. And now, on moving it again, it was opposedas before; but the hearts of some solid Friends appeared to be united todiscourage the practice amongst their members, and the matter was zealouslyhandled by some on both sides. In this debate it appeared very clear to me thatthe spirit of lotteries was a spirit of selfishness, which tended to confuseand darken the understanding, and that pleading for it in our meetings, whichwere set apart for the Lord's work, was not right. In the heat of zeal, I madereply to what an ancient Friend said, and when I sat down I saw that my wordswere not enough seasoned with charity. After this I spoke no more on thesubject. At length a minute was made, a copy of which was to be sent to theirseveral Quarterly Meetings, inciting Friends to labour to discourage thepractice amongst all professing with us.

  Let us not forget that "The Most High hath His way in the deep, in clouds,and in thick darkness"; that it is His voice which crieth to the city and tothe country, and oh that these loud and awakening cries may have a propereffect upon us, that heavier chastisement may not become necessary! For thoughthings, as to the outward, may for a short time afford a pleasing prospect,yet, while a selfish spirit, that is not subject to the cross of Christ,continueth to spread and prevail, there can be no long continuance in outwardpeace and tranquillity. If we desire an inheritance incorruptible, and to be atrest in that state of peace and happiness which ever continues; if we desire inthis life to dwell under the favour and protection of that Almighty Being whosehabitation is in holiness, whose ways are all equal, and whose anger is nowkindled because of our backslidings, --let us then awfully regard thesebeginnings of His sore judgments, and with abasement and humiliation turn toHim whom we have offended.

  When officers who are anxiously endeavouring to get troops to answer thedemands of their superiors see men who are insincere pretend scruples ofconscience in hopes of being excused from a dangerous employment, it is likelythey will be roughly handled. In this time of commotion some of our young menleft these parts and tarried abroad till it was over; some came, and proposedto go as soldiers; others appeared to have a real tender scruple in their mindsagainst joining in wars, and were much humbled under the apprehension of atrial so near. I had conversation with several of them to my satisfaction. Whenthe captain came to town, some of the last-mentioned went and told him insubstance as follows: -- That they could not bear arms for conscience' sake;nor could they hire any to go in their places, being resigned as to the event.

这 事以后我心中比较安静,觉得神圣之爱的泉源已开,可以说话,所以在某次会上发言,颇得平安。这大概是在上次之事以后六七星期。我既在十架底下学习谦卑并受 锻炼,因此更能明白由圣灵感动智慧所发出的话语;有时候一连数星期在静默中等候,直待我觉得那叫被造者传布主的话语像号筒一样的力量到来之时。

  Ninth of Eighth Month, 1757. -- Orders came at night to the military officersin our county (Burlington), directing them to draft the militia, and prepare anumber of men to go off as soldiers, to the relief of the English at FortWilliam Henry, in New York government; a few days after which there was ageneral review of the militia at Mount Holly, and a number of men were chosenand sent off under some officers. Shortly after, there came orders to draftthree times as many, who were to hold themselves in readiness to march whenfresh orders came. On the 17th there was a meeting of the military officers atMount Holly, who agreed on draft; orders were sent to the men so chosen to meettheir respective captains at set times and places, those in our township tomeet at Mount Holly, amongst whom were a considerable number of our Society. Mymind being affected herewith, I had fresh opportunity to see and consider theadvantage of living in the real substance of religion, where practice dothharmonize with principle. Amongst the officers are men of understanding, whohave some regard to sincerity where they see it; and when such in the executionof their office have men to deal with whom they believe to be upright-hearted,it is a painful task to put them to trouble on account of scruples ofconscience, and they will be likely to avoid it as much as easily may be. But where men profess to be so meek and heavenly-minded, and to have their trust sofirmly settled in God that they cannot join in wars, and yet by their spiritand conduct in common life manifest a contrary disposition, their difficultiesare great at such a time.

  I had conversation with some of the latter to my help and edification, andbelieve several of them are acquainted with the nature of that worship which isperformed in spirit and in truth. Amos Powel, a Friend from Long Island,accompanied me through Connecticut, which is chiefly inhabited by Presbyterians, who were generally civil to us. After three days' riding, wecame amongst Friends in the colony of Rhode Island, and visited them in andabout Newport, Dartmouth, and generally in those parts; we then went to Boston,and proceeded eastward as far as Dover. Not far from thence we met our friend,Thomas Gawthrop, from England, who was then on a visit to these provinces. FromNewport we sailed to Nantucket; were there nearly a week; and from thence cameover to Dartmouth. Having finished our visit in these parts, we crossed theSound from New London to Long Island, and taking some meetings on the islandproceeded towards home, which we reached the 13th of Seventh Month, 1747,having rode about fifteen hundred miles, and sailed about one hundred andfifty.


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