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The Master said, I thought you would ask about some extraordinary individuals, and you only ask about Yu and Ch’iu!

When Yen Yuan died, the disciples wished to give him a great funeral, and the Master said, You may not do so.”

Kan, the master of the band at the second meal, went to Ch’u. Liao, the band master at the third meal, went to Ts’ai. Chueh, the band master at the fourth meal, went to Ch’in.

The Master said, That is notoriety, not distinction.

When the ruler was present, his manner displayed respectful uneasiness; it was grave, but self-possessed.

Tsze-lu got Tsze-kao appointed governor of Pi.

The Master said, The people of the south have a saying —’A man without constancy cannot be either a wizard or a doctor.’ Good!

The Master said, The firm, the enduring, the simple, and the modest are near to virtue.”


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