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Not bad exactly,” said Auberon, with self-restraint; rather good, if anything. Strangely and richly good. The fact is, I want to reflect a little on those beautiful words that have just been uttered. ‘Speaking,’ yes, that was the phrase, ‘speaking in the interests of the public.’ One cannot get the honey from such things without being alone for a little.”

I know,” said Auberon, vaguely mollified. Where’s it been all the time?”

The red linen was pinned beside the yellow paper, and the foreigner took off his hat.

With a shout the West Kensington men closed round Wayne, the great yellow banner flapping over his head.

What answer does your master send?”

The Lord High Provost of Notting Hill,” continued the herald, does not propose, in the event of your surrender, to use his victory for any of those repressive purposes which others have entertained against him. He will leave you your free laws and your free cities, your flags and your governments. He will not destroy the religion of South Kensington, or crush the old customs of Bayswater.”


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