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They hurried up the incline toward the temple.

Scant shrugged. I dunno. Some dwarf. Is it important?”

Scant couldn’t hold back a grin. Yes, on Canto. It was the season’s highest-rated show. We’re thinking of writing a book, aren’t we, Merv? All about how we…

‘So, Dr. Zito, when do you detonate?

The centaur’s mobile tech shuttle had been commandeered by Internal Affairs. This operation now fell under their jurisdiction because an LEP officer was suspected of a crime. All LEP personnel had been ejected from the shuttle, but Foaly was allowed to stay simply because he was the only one able to operate the surveillance equipment.

Merv stuffed the night-vision goggles into the trolley, blinking a bead of sweat from his eyelid.

The sprite was not actually unconscious, but he was pretending.

In it he could see Verbil’s chest.


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