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excitment video

Source global Wall Street Journal     time 2022-12-17 15:03:22
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It seemed as if the prayer was heard due to which the young white pup gained the system miraculously which was only possible in Manga and animes! 13

"What's happening? Why am I not able to..."

The other wolves who were still alive were also mercilessly killed. Even young babies weren't spared. 2

His heart was preventing him to take any more steps towards that area.

"Yes! Now me too...", after saying this to himself, he too started running.

1] Heat Resistance [Lv.1] 7

"Tsk... that was the leader? It was pretty weak...", was what the humans said and laughed. 3

He could feel the gentle breeze that was blowing and when he touched the water, the gentle coldness was also felt.


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