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Source global Wall Street Journal     time 2022-12-17 14:57:43
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???And Idolize a Piece of Painted Clay.

For nought can make a more prepost'rous Show,

Can make Spheres dance, make Heav'n and Earth rejoyce;

Now my Parents, who had been always affectionate towards me, became extreamly fond, humouring me even to a Fault, especially since I made such ill Use of their Tenderness: For by means of this extra-ordinary Indulgence, I grew troublesome to Servants, impertinent to my Betters, rude and disobliging to my Equals, harsh and insulting to my Inferiors; in short, I behav'd my self, as if all the World were created for me only, and my Service. In the mean Time, Fondness so blinded my Parents, that they saw no Fault in me, nor I in my self, which was my great Misfortune.

Sometimes in merry Jigs and Gambols, they

And, sure, whate'er they talk of Love,


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