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pictures of mowers

Source global Wall Street Journal     time 2022-12-17 15:04:31
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To be continued...

"This is fucking ridiculous!! Why the heck will I get reborn?", his eyes were completely open and he was too shocked to think anything else. 1

-> Host will be resistant to extreme cold conditions.

"I'll definitely live this life to the fullest...", just as he had told this, he heard a weird sound as if the bush a bit ahead of him was moving.


"Huh...!? Who...?", he looked at the water only to find the reflection of a white wolf pup.

He was suddenly happy because he wasn't restrained anymore. Human logic didn't apply to him and he could do whatever he wanted in the jungle. 12

"Yes! That's fucking awesome!", it was definitely a boon for a murderer who gets thrilled by the sight of blood at least that's what was to be told. 5


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