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Source global Wall Street Journal     time 2022-12-17 15:05:17
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‘St. G. and I so enjoyed this exquisite evening in the stately gardens! A fine military band was performing, the people were happily listening, little children skipping about, the glorious sunset tints illuminating a palace fit for the grand Monarch.”

Horatia. By-the-by, Mr. Dapple, may I ask your opinion on a much disputed point, where I venture to differ even from my Uncle? What do you think of the Aerolites?

Wrig. [Turning away laughing.] This is either too bad or too good! [Aloud.] And your other studies, Ma’am?

‘It was a very different thing when our boys took the batting. It does one good to hear the thud from R.’s bat when he sends the ball flying ever so far. He and S. made, I think, 87 runs, and were never bowled out. The rest of our boys had no turns at all; for the sun went down, and still R. and S., tired, but unconquered, held their wickets. What is most pleasing is that our boys did not crow as they might have done,—their opponents were too utterly[330] smashed. Had the contest been a close one, there would have been plenty of cheering.

Col. Turn out the pigs, hey, Mrs. Judith?


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