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'Oof,' he said, collapsing on to his rear end.

Butler pulled up the peaked hood on his field jacket, stepping into the porch. There they were, spread out like a squadron of Action Men. If not for the array of very proficient-looking weaponry hanging from each belt, it would have been almost comical.

'I don't have time for theorizing now, Foaly. First light is approaching.'

Who betrays my secrets one by one.

Artemis didn't have to ask. He knew exactly what Butler was feeling. The fairy had saved both their lives and yet he insisted on holding her to ransom. To a man of honour like Butler, this was almost more than he could bear.

'Commander now. I heard that. Clerical error, was it?'

Root's hesitation was highlighted by the hiss of interference. His reply, when it came, was tinged with just the right note of defeat.


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