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Source global Wall Street Journal     time 2022-12-17 15:04:34
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‘Artemis, if we agree to try this, I have no idea what the results would be. The effect on Butler’s body could be catastrophic, not to mention his mind. An operation of this kind has never been attempted on a human.’

Pearson knew a lifeline when it was being thrown to him.

The commander’s image disappeared in waves of static.

The Tunisian was unaccustomed to taking orders from a female, and now his friends were watching.

Mulch paled. Funny how this diminutive elf was much scarier than two six-foot hit men.

And just like that, he disappeared.

Juliet wagged a finger at them. ‘Sorry, boys. You have to go to sleep.’

‘The Cube is voice-activated, and coded to Artemis Fowl’s voice patterns. Nobody can break the code. It’s not possible.’


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