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But the question was still unanswered, was it really him who went and killed his parents, or was he just accused? Did someone else kill them and he was just present at the crime scene or was it his teammate that killed them? 7

A middle-aged man who was unemployed just woke up from his sleep.

He looked at the clock that was hanging on the wall which had many cracks on it.

The sound was clearly audible since it echoed which marked that the room was entirely empty. 1

It was in fact quite simply because he liked cold things more. Even the instant noodles that he bought would be eaten with cold icy water instead of hot water! 11

Among the food items he had bought, there was rat poison too which he had mixed with the food and ate. On top of that sleeping pills were mixed too to make it less painful and die during his sleep. 3

He rushed immediately since he didn't like to be under the sun and returned as quickly as possible.

2] You may continue this novel at your own risk as in the first free chaps, the plot armor is everything. 2


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