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Mr. Prim's eyes widened; he looked suspiciously at Bridge. Abigail laughed merrily. I stole them myself, Dad,” she explained, and then Mr. Bridge took them from me in the jail to make the mob think he had stolen them and not I—he didn't know then that I was a girl, did you?”

Mrs. Case sank into a chair, prostrated by the weight of her emotions, while Willie took down the receiver after ringing the bell to attract central. Finally he obtained his connection, which was with Jonas Prim's bank where detective Burton was making his headquarters. Here he learned that Burton had not returned; but finally gave his message reluctantly to Jonas Prim after exacting a promise from that gentleman that he would be personally responsible for the payment of the reward. What Willie Case told Jonas Prim had the latter in a machine, with half a dozen deputy sheriffs and speeding southward from Oakdale inside of ten minutes.

He paused to kindle a sliver of wood at the stove. In these parlous times,” he spoke as though to himself, one must economize. They are taking a quarter of an ounce out of each five cents worth of chewing, I am told; so doubtless each box must be five or six matches short of full count. Even these papers seem thinner than of yore and they will only sell one book to a customer at that. Indeed Sherman was right.”

We can go to Sout' America on dat stuff an' live like gents,” muttered Dopey Charlie. I'm goin' to cut out de Hop an' buy a farm an' a ottymobeel and—”

You don't?” scoffed Dopey Charlie. Didn't you lamp de oyster harness? To say nothin' of de mitful of rocks and kale.”

The girl also ran to the man's side and clutched him by the sleeve.

The Kid nodded.


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