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winning ticket

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Holly hugged the centaur back.

Vinyaya was hooked. 'So go on, tell me. How do they get the bubbles in?'

Holly paled. 'You mean Artemis is…"

Doodah did not waste time with an answer. Instead he extricated himself from the all but demolished car, prising off his Mongocharger and mirror.

Soto released the button, filling the air with static. The empty hiss seemed more ominous than a ghost's howl. This went on for several seconds. Soto tried valiantly to maintain a jaunty confidence, but was betrayed by a bead of sweat rolling down his forehead. 'Equipment malfunction,' he said weakly.

'Just before that happens, demons all over Hybras will be plucked off the island, silver or no silver. When the tunnel collapses, some will be deposited on earth, more on the moon and the rest scattered through space and time. One thing is for sure, not many of them will survive, and those that do will be locked up in laboratories and zoos.

Butler pointed the phone aerial at Artemis. 'It's Artemis this, and Artemis that. She has really built you up to be something special. You're going to have to work hard not to disappoint her.'

'Where is he, Artemis?' she screamed into the phone. 'Where is my prize?'


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