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Source global Wall Street Journal     time 2022-12-17 15:00:11
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Sickness has a tendency to make people poetical. I suppose,” returned the captain.

True, the ground is well prepared for you,” returned the captain softly, for another group had absorbed his attention.

Soon the great balloon-shaped cod-end with its solid mass of fish rose slowly into the air, and some of the men laid hold to be ready to swing it inboard and deposit it on the deck, when, suddenly, the stout rope that bound the lower end of the bag gave way. The entire mass of fish dropped back into the sea, and sank to the bottom!

All right—an’ what sort o’ rig? I couldn’t go in them ’ere slops, you know. It wouldn’t give ’em a k’rect idear o’ Yarmouth boys, would it?”

That’s the captain.”

I’ve been just trying to persuade him, Kate,” said Jessie, as the former entered, that in a week or two a trip to Yarmouth will do him so much good, but he does not seem to think he will be equal to it.”


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