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‘I got tools here. And a lab. The best in the world. You do it here.’

Butler couldn’t believe it either. There was a time when he would have staked out any rendezvous site for a week before giving it the thumbs-up. Maybe he was petting old, but there was an excellent chance he wouldn’t be getting any older.

Holly closed her visor, using the helmet’s filters to magnify Butler’s wound.

‘Mister Spiro!’ stammered Pex. ‘Is this some kind of drill?’

The girl nodded. There wasn’t enough air in her windpipe for speech.

The doctors in Helsinki were determined that they should pump my father full of vitamin supplements. He was just as determined that they shouldn’t. And a determined Fowl usually gets his way.

Artemis pulled a gold medallion from a leather thong around his neck. The disc was perforated by a single circular hole. Dead centre.

Pex and Chips blinked in unison. The blink being universal body language for ‘Huh?’ This girl was a stunning blend of Asian and Caucasian, but she might as well have been talking Greek for all the comprehension that registered on the security men’s faces. ‘Spiritually’ had five syllables, for heaven’s sake.


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