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Once in the air, she peeled back a Velcro patch on her forearm, and ran a search on her computer. The computer found the Kronski Hotel and flashed up three route options. Holly chose the shortest one, even though it meant passing over several major human population centers. More LEP regulations smashed to bits. At this point she really didn’t care. Her own career was beyond salvaging, but that didn’t matter. Holly had never been a career elf anyway. The only reason she hadn’t already been booted out of the LEP was the commander. He had seen her potential, and now he was gone.

Kurt followed him impatiently. Do you have anything else metallic on you? A belt buckle? Some coins?”

It’s a smart bomb, Butler said to himself without one iota of doubt.

Inevitably this roller-coaster lifestyle had come crashing down around him as the long arm of the LEP closed in. Before he had been led away to serve the remainder of his sentence, Mulch Diggums was permitted to say good-bye to his human friend.

A wise move. In seconds, Mulch had removed the starter chip and stuffed it into his beard.

‘Booty box That sounds like a pirate expression.

‘Okay. But if we don’t make it, I’m sorry you don’t remember. It’s good to be with a friend at a time like this.

Holly scanned the camera list. No camera in the room itself?”


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