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Qwan smiled weakly. 'What was the first one again?'

Abbot scratched his chin. 'Let me try something.'

'You know what,' he muttered to himself in case Rawley could hear, 'I think I'm going to the volcano.'

'That's just it. There were no pictures on the Net. Not even a local paper snapshot. I got the feeling that some-body had systematically wiped out every e-trace of this family they could find.'

No.l was stunned. This was more information than anyone could absorb in one day. For some reason the demoness with the red markings flashed into his mind. 'Isn't there any way to help? We are intelligent beings, you know. Not animals.'

Foaly laid the heel of his hand on the porthole rim, peer-ing downwards.

When the vehicle had stopped, Artemis continued his briefing.

'Extremely. And funny too — remember that quark joke?'


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