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I think,” said Nunaga, pouring oil into the lamp, that he is sorry for what he has done.”

Ippegoo,” said the wizard, suddenly changing his tone, and becoming intensely earnest, I see what is the matter. Angut and the Kablunet have bewitched you. But now, I tell my torngak to enter into your heart, and unbewitch you. Now, do you not feel that he has done it?”

Yes, they wag too freely,” echoed Mrs Okiok, with a nod.

Regardless of time, place, and circumstance, our poor wanderer continued to chew until in his great weakness he fell into a sort of half slumber, and dreamed—dreamed of feasting on viands more delightful than the waking imagination of man has ever conceived.

He plied the whip with vigour, for well did he know that it was a race for life. If any of the men of his tribe should overtake him, he felt assured that death would be his portion.


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