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Due to the moonlight behind him, he looked huge but in reality, he was the size of any normal wolf, perhaps even smaller.

"Just because I was the company's successor?"

He was sentenced to death but seeing that he had a sister for whom he had to work hard, his penalty was decreased and only 10 years of imprisonment was given as punishment. 8

"I have been born in this world as a wolf and that too with a peculiar color - 'white' which depicts the strength of a wolf. The darker the color, the stronger the wolf is."

He looked at that carefully only to find that its screen had a crack. He realized that he had slipped instead of tripping. 2

"The beast will kill all those wolves! No need to worry!", saying this, all of them ran away as far as they could from the area.

Since he couldn't see the name or number because the display was broken, he picked up the call. 2

He was again arrested and was now given a death sentence immediately however he asked them to fulfill his last wish which was giving him one month's time.


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