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I should say not,” said Willie emphatically; the place is haunted.”

They no longer ran; but puffed arduously along the smooth road, searching with troubled and angry eyes to right and left and ahead of them as they went.

Could you convince them that you had no part in any of these crimes?” asked the boy. I know that you didn't; but could you prove it to a mob?”

Bridge nodded toward the rear room. The stove is in there,” he said. We'd better go on and make a fire. Draw your pistol—whoever did this has probably beat it; but it's just as well to be on the safe side.”

It's The Sky Pilot and his gang,” whispered The Oskaloosa Kid.

The following morning all Oakdale was thrilled as its fascinated eyes devoured the front page of Oakdale's ordinarily dull daily. Never had Oakdale experienced a plethora of home-grown thrills; but it came as near to it that morning, doubtless, as it ever had or ever will. Not since the cashier of The Merchants and Farmers Bank committed suicide three years past had Oakdale been so wrought up, and now that historic and classical event paled into insignificance in the glaring brilliancy of a series of crimes and mysteries of a single night such as not even the most sanguine of Oakdale's thrill lovers could have hoped for.

I believe he's telling the truth,” said detective Burton. Where is the man now?” he asked Willie.

The most imposing figure among the strangers was the same whom Bridge had seen approaching the Squibbs' house a short time before. It was he who acted as spokesman for the newcomers.


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