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how do i remove apps from my phone

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‘The king goes forth,’ said Venantius. ‘I must leave you. Join us speedily yonder.’

‘Here is peace,’ he repeated. ‘Here one can forget everything but to worship God. Could I remain here, I were the happiest of men.’

This evening Maximus seemed to suffer less. He lay with closed eyes, a look of calm on his worn countenance. Beside him sat Decius, reading in low tones from that treatise on the Consolation of Philosophy, which Boethius wrote in prison, a hook wherein Maximus sought comfort, this last year or two more often than in the Evangel, or the Lives of Saints. Decius himself would have chosen a philosopher of older time, but in the words of his own kinsman, Maximus found an appeal more intimate, a closer sympathy, than in ancient teaching. He loved especially the passages of verse; and when the reader came to those lines—


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