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Tell me, Charlie, about that uncle of whom you once spoke to me—long ago—in rather disrespectful tones, if not terms. Was he rich?”

Now then, boys,” said George Rennie, casting a hasty glance over his shoulder at the mulatto supports, steady, and take good aim after we fire.”

They are well suited to their purpose nevertheless,” said Hans; besides, would it be wise to build fine houses for Kafirs to burn?”

My certie, but he is a great gruesome carl!” said Black, echoing in Scotch the Dutchman’s expression as he gazed in admiration.

As he spoke, a creature called by the Dutch colonists a reit-vark, or reed-swine, whose quick starts and sharp stoppages betrayed its indecision, at length made up its mind and rushed out of the reeds in wild alarm close to Rivers, who, although ready, was incapable of restraining himself, and fired in haste. The ball nevertheless slightly grazed the animal’s side.


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