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Source global Wall Street Journal     time 2022-12-17 15:03:34
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Initially, I would say, 'Well, it's originally .98, so why don't we sell it for .25' And he'd say, 'No.

Over the years, our Wal-Mart stock has gone into that partnership. Then the board of WaltonEnterprises, which is us, the family, makes decisions on a consensus basis. Sometimes we argue, andsometimes we don't. But we control the amount we pay out to each of us, and everybody gets the same.

Now, I'm a friendly fellow by natureI always speak to folks in the street and suchand my wife Helen isas genial and outgoing as she can be, involved in all sorts of community activities, and we've always livedvery much out in the open. But we really thought there for a while that this "richest" thing was going toruin our whole lifestyle. We've always tried to do our share, but all of a sudden everybody expected us topay their way too. And nosy people from the media would call our house at all hours and get downrightrude when we'd tell them no, you can't bring a TV crew out to the house, or no, we don't want yourmagazine to spend a week photographing the lives of the Waltons, or no, I don't have time to share mylife story with you. It made me mad, anyway, that all they wanted to talk about was my family's personalfinances. They weren't even interested in Wal-Mart, which was probably one of the best business storiesgoing on anywhere in the world at the time, but it never even occurred to them to ask about thecompany. The impression I got is that most media folksand some Wall Street types tooeither thoughtwe were just a bunch of bumpkins selling socks off the back of a truck, or that we were some kind offast buck artists or stock scammers. And when they did write about the company they either got it wrongor just made fun of us.


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