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  "Hojida came and he tried to make order, and he said that theirHighnesses had sent him with promises of gifts and grants and money. Hemade up a large company, for in all Espanola there were few men whowere not vagabonds, and no one lived there who had wife or children."Hojida retired with threats.

  Columbus chose for the new city an elevation, ten leagues east ofMonte Christi, and at first gave to his colony the name of Martha. It is theIsabella of the subsequent history.

  It would seem that the little public of Isabella had been made indignantby Ovando's neglect, and that he had been compelled, by public opinion tosend another vessel as a companion to that sent by Mendez. Mendezhimself, having seen the ships depart, went to Spain in the interest of theAdmiral.

  [*] I am indebted to T. J. McLain, Esq., United States consul at Nassau,for the following information given to him by the captains of this port,who visit Samana or Atwood's Key. The sub-sketch on this chart issubstantially correct: Good water is only obtained by sinking wells. Thetwo keys to the east are covered with guano; white boobies hold the largerone, and black boobies the other; neither intermingles.

  The Congress of Americanistas, which meets every year, bringsforward many curious studies on the history of the continent, but it canscarcely be said to have done much to advance our knowledge of thepersonal life of Columbus.

  Doubtful as to the issue, a seaman, named Ledesma, volunteered to swimthrough the surf, and communicate with the settlement. The brave fellowsucceeded. By passing through the surf again, he brought back the newsthat the little colony was closely besieged by the savages.

  But he did not enter the harbor. He sent a letter to Ovando, now thegovernor, and asked his permission. He added, to the request he made, astatement that a tempest was at hand which he did not like to meet in theoffing. Ovando, however, refused any permission to enter. He was, in fact,just dispatching a fleet to Spain, with Bobadilla, Columbus's old enemy,whom Ovando had replaced in his turn.

  Other preparations were made, so that Ovando might arrive with astrong reinforcement for the colony. He sailed with thirty ships, the size ofthese vessels ranging from one hundred and fifty Spanish toneles to onebark of twenty-five. It will be remembered that the Spanish tonele is largerby about ten per cent than our English ton. Twenty-five hundred personsembarked as colonists in the vessels, and, for the first time, men took theirfamilies with them.


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