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And the bear,” corrected Willie.

The youth shook his head. I have killed no one,” said he. That is the truth. Neither have you; but if they are going to murder you they can murder me too, for you stuck to me when you didn't have to; and I am going to stick to you, and there is some excuse for me because I have a reason—the best reason in the world.”

Presently a great rain drop was blown against the youth's face; the vividness of the lightning had increased; the rumbling of the thunder had grown to the proportions of a titanic bombardment; but he dared not pause to seek shelter.

You get out,” she commanded. You a bad man. Kill, steal. He know; he tell me. You get out or I call Beppo. He keel you. He eat you.”

Wait!” exclaimed The Oskaloosa Kid. I have it!”

For another mile the now tired and discouraged house-breaker plodded, heavy footed, the unending road. Did vain compunction stir his youthful breast? Did he regret the safe respectability of the plumber's apprentice? Or, if he had not been a plumber's apprentice did he yearn to once again assume the unharried peace of whatever legitimate calling had been his before he bent his steps upon the broad boulevard of sin? We think he did.

I've heard of him; but he's straight,” replied Burton. Who was the skirt?”

Bridge spoke to them once. What are you going to do with us?” he asked.


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