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  Thirty-first of Fifth Month and first of the week. -- We had a meeting in thecabin, with nearly all the ship's company, the whole being near thirty. In thismeeting the Lord in mercy favoured us with the extending of His love.

  Seventh of Sixth Month and first of the week. -- A clear morning: we lay atanchor for the tide, and had a parting meeting with the ship's company, inwhich my heart was enlarged in a fervent concern for them, that they may cometo experience salvation through Christ. Had a head-wind up the Thames; laysometimes at anchor; saw many ships passing, and some at anchor near; and I hadlarge opportunity of feeling the spirit in which the poor bewildered sailorstoo generally live. That lamentable degeneracy which so much prevails in thepeople employed on the sea, so affected my heart that I cannot easily conveythe feeling I had to another.

  The following winter I joined some Friends in a family visit to some part ofour meeting, in which exercise the pure influence of divine love made ourvisits reviving.

  About the twenty-third year of my age, I had many fresh and heavenlyopenings, in respect to the care and providence of the Almighty over hiscreatures in general, and over man as the most noble amongst those which arevisible. And being clearly convinced in my judgment that to place my wholetrust in God was best for me, I felt renewed engagements that in all things Imight act on an inward principle of virtue, and pursue worldly business nofurther than as truth opened my way.

  And, dearly beloved friends, seeing that we have these promises, andbelieve that God is beginning to fulfil them, let us constantly endeavour tohave our minds sufficiently disentangled from the surfeiting cares of thislife, and redeemed from the love of the world, that no earthly possessions norenjoyments may bias our judgments, or turn us from that resignation and entiretrust in God to which His blessing is most surely annexed; then may we say,"Our Redeemer is mighty, he will plead our cause for us" (Jer. l. 34). And if,for the further promoting of His most gracious purposes in the earth, He shouldgive us to taste of that bitter cup of which His faithful ones have oftenpartaken, O that we might be rightly prepared to receive it!

  DEARLY BELOVED WIFE, -- We are favoured with health; have been at sundrymeetings in East Jersey and on this island. My mind hath been much in aninward, watchful frame since I left thee, greatly desiring that our proceedingsmay be singly in the will of our Heavenly Father.

这 时我心中盼望能往德拉瓦州南部诸地及马利兰州的东海岸访问朋友,恰好有机会得与老友司奇士结伴同行,于是我们领取了证件,于一七四八年十月七日出发,曾参 加南部各地朋友们的聚会,也参加在小湾地方举行的年会,访问东海岸多数的聚会处,然后取道诺定昂回来。我们在外约六星期,走了约五百五十里路。

  Dwell here, my dear friends; and then in remote and solitary deserts you mayfind true peace and satisfaction. If the Lord be God, in truth and reality,there is safety for us: for He is a stronghold in the day of trouble, andknoweth them that trust in Him.


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