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Source global Wall Street Journal     time 2022-12-17 15:07:09
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‘Or Babylon, where he wants to go?’

‘I thought you liked Caesar,’ said Robert.

The crowd was all talking at once, and getting rather angry. But no one seemed to think of blaming the Queen.

‘I know not the god,’ said Ritti-Marduk, bending timorously.

‘Ur Hekau Setcheh,’ repeated Cyril. ‘Thanks awfully. I do hope we haven’t taken up too much of your time.’

‘Not a bit of it,’ said the creature; ‘there’s one of the strongest charms in the world not a stone’s throw from where you bought me yesterday. The man that I bit so—the first one, I mean—went into a shop to ask how much something cost—I think he said it was a concertina—and while he was telling the man in the shop how much too much he wanted for it, I saw the charm in a sort of tray, with a lot of other things. If you can only buy THAT, you will be able to have your heart’s desire.’


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