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angry mrs claus

Source global Wall Street Journal     time 2022-12-17 15:02:56
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Agreed,” said Okiok; but how are we to do it? The shore is open. We cannot take a step that way without being seen, and chased. We might outrun them, though I don’t feel quite as supple as I used to; but we should barely arrive before them in time to warn the camp, and should then be almost unfit to fight.”

If an Eskimo of the region about which we write thinks himself aggrieved by another, he challenges him to a singing and dancing combat. The idea of taking their revenge, or satisfying their honour,” by risking their lives and proving their courage in mortal combat, does not seem to have occurred to them—probably because the act would be without significance among men whose whole existence is passed in the daily risk of life and limb and proof of courage.

What! the singing duel with Okiok?”

That is true,” returned the wizard, with a grave nod of appreciation. Show Ippegoo how to dart the spear. He is yet a baby!”


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