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Manners must be appreciated somewhere outside a book, No.l had always thought, so he decided to give them a go.

Holly dipped her chin and Foaly bounced the helmet on to her head. She sealed it tight.

'The moon separated me from the rest of the island during the great journey,' continued Abbot, his eyes half closed as if the memory had him in a swoon. 'I was power-less to resist her charms. And so I travelled through space and time until I came to rest in the new world. Which is now the world of men. The humans clamped silver on my ankles, tried to make me submit, but I would not.' Abbot hunched his massive shoulders and roared at the roof. 'For I am demonkind! And we will never submit!'

'Where are you parked?' asked Holly.

Holly helped Artemis out of his chair.

'I saw nothing,' he hissed, heaving No.l to his feet. 'Nothing happened, you odious little freak of nature. The skewer was coated with ash, nothing more. There was no transformation. No magic.'

'This is disgusting,' moaned Doodah, as the viscous spit-tle solidified on his limbs. 'It stinks too.'

'It's not going to take them long to open that door. We need to wake up those demons and get out of here. Now!'


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