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And thus another innocent victim of an insatiable hate and vengeance which had been born in the King's armory twenty years before passed from the eyes of men.

Give us horses, and let two of the men ride behind us,” said the chief. And, Shandy, let not the lady know that she rides this night with the Outlaw of Torn.”

I am honored,” said the priest, rising.

Mon Dieu! The damnable luck!” cried De Montfort, but a second more and the name we have sought for twenty years would have been writ. Didst ever see such hellish chance as plays into the hand of the fiend incarnate since that long gone day when his sword pierced the heart of Lady Maud by the postern gate beside the Thames? The Devil himself must watch o'er him.

My Lady,” said Norman of Torn, we have been through much, and we are as little children in a dark attic, and so if I have presumed upon our acquaintance,” and he lowered his arm from about her shoulder, I ask you to forgive it for I scarce know what to do, from weakness and from the pain of the blow upon my head.”

I do not know.”

Come with Giles. He has my instructions to lead thee secretly to where I be.

You do not understand,” he answered, and I may not tell you; but I ask that you believe me when I say that it was for her own peace of mind, for her own happiness, that I did not follow her to France. But, let us talk of other things. The sorrow is mine and I would not force it upon others. I cared only to know that she is well, and, I hope, happy. It will never be given to me to make her or any other woman so. I would that I had never come into her life, but I did not know what I was doing; and the spell of her beauty and goodness was strong upon me, so that I was weak and could not resist what I had never known before in all my life—love.”


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