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The Fowl Bentley was parked in the prestige level of the short-stay car park. Butler slotted his new phone into the car kit and tried Artemis again.

Scant secured the prisoners into the passenger bay, while Merv piloted them across to Scotland, then underground through a mountain river in the highlands. Opal busied herself making sure that her other plan, the one involving world domination, was proceeding smoothly.

‘Butler, could you take this sample over to the university now. Remember, give it only to Christiana, and remind her that speed is vital.

‘Nine five eight. The Atlantis code.

Artemis zipped his computer game into a backpack, which already contained a number of typical teenage items. Absolutely not. This window of opportunity has taken a month to organize.”

Chix hovered even higher for a long moment, his wings whipping the air into currents. Then he settled back down to earth and sat in the room’s second chair. No. I don’t believe it. Not for a second. Julius Root was like a father to Holly.

Artemis fought the cold and the fatigue and the shock in his system. His ankle was scalded where the troll had snagged him.

‘But my commander said something that changed my mind. Do you want to know what that was?


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