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Did Mr. Tulliver let you have the money all at once?” said Mrs. Tulliver, still lost in the conception of things which had been going on” without her knowledge.

What, Tom?” said Lucy, with curiosity.

Get away with you — go!” said Tulliver, angrily. But it was not to Wakem that he spoke. Slowly the lawyer rose, and, as he turned his head, saw that Tulliver’s arms were being held by a girl, rather by the fear of hurting the girl that clung to him with all her young might.

Leave me to myself, if you please,” she said, with impetuous haughtiness, and for the future avoid me.”

What, ‘Graceful Consort’? I don’t think it suits your voice.”

She’s downstairs with my aunts, father. Shall I fetch her?”


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