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world's oldest family tree

Source global Wall Street Journal     time 2022-12-17 15:03:49
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I send you a line a few mails back to say that the three of us, George, Good, and myself, fetched up all right in England. We got off the boat at Southampton, and went up to town. You should have seen what a swell Good turned out the very next day, beautifully shaved, frock coat fitting like a glove, brand new eye-glass, etc., etc. I went and walked in the park with him, where I met some people I know, and at once told them the story of his beautiful white legs.”

So it had come at last! In the bitterness of my heart I gave something like a sob.

But you never did, Curtis,” jerked out Captain Good, glancing at the big man’s face.

Half an hour or more was allowed to elapse between the setting out of the horns or wings of the army before any stir was made by the Greys and their supporting regiment, known as the Buffaloes, which formed its chest, and were destined to bear the brunt of the battle.


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