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"Oh, I'm sure they don't," said Nora; "they can't have anything at all particular to say, and I am so immensely interested. I want to know how Lucile conquered her difficulties with the French grammar. I have such a fellow feeling for her, for I always detest grammar. Please, Mrs. Willis, don't go away."

She turned away as she spoke, and, plunging into the shrubbery, was lost to view.

The shop became empty once more; and Mrs. Myrtle, who was really quite as kind hearted as she [Pg 129]looked, raised her eyes, and encountered a very forlorn glance from Annie.

"No, I couldn't; I couldn't touch anything. Go and eat if you want to, and then come back to me here. I'm going to stand by that window; perhaps he'll come back and take another peep."


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