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"Is that all?" asked Horatio, hardly able to contain himself.

"Your ability fits you for almost any position; 52 and, after a little study of merely routine matters, you will be competent for almost any command," added Captain Breaker.

This was not so difficult and dangerous an enterprise as it became later when the channel was obstructed, though even now the feat could not be accomplished without great difficulty and danger. In the course of the day, Captain Pecklar left his berth and came on deck. Captain Breaker decided to leave the piloting of the steamer to him, after he had conversed for hours with him.

The Bellevite was heavily manned for a yacht; but every person had been selected for his position, from the highest to the lowest, with the utmost care by Captain Breaker, assisted by the owner. Every one of them had been attached to the steamer for at least a year, and some of them for a longer period. All of them were personally known to the owner and the members of the family, who had taken the greatest pleasure in improving and assisting them and their families, if they had any.


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