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cook game

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Tiger quietly prepared his bow and arrows and laid his spears so that they should be handy. Lawrence and the negro also got ready their weapons, and then they advanced with caution, dipping their paddles lightly, and gazing earnestly into the jungle on the right bank of the stream.

Because I seed ’im, massa.”

I mean that the religion of such men must be false,” growled the Indian, somewhat defiantly.

I’m glad I’ve met you,” said Pedro to Ignacio, as they turned aside into the bushes together, for I’ve got news to tell, and I’ll want your help. There’s mischief brewing in the air, and I am commissioned—”

The defenders had not long to wait. Their preparations were barely completed when horsemen were descried on the horizon, and in a very brief space of time a band of above a hundred naked savages came thundering down on them, uttering terrific screams or yells, and brandishing long spears. They rode straight towards the opening in the defences.


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