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  What Ella didn't know, of course, was that I would continue to see Sophia. Sophia could get away onlya few nights a week. She said, when I told her about the train job, that she'd get away every night I gotback into Boston, and this would mean every other night, if I got the run I wanted. Sophia didn't wantme to leave at all, but she believed I was draft age already, and thought the train job would keep meout of the Army.

His own life stands as an affirmation of that power. Our literature and our history are filled withstories of men and women whose will and inner strength nourished their rise from impoverishment towealth, whether material, spiritual, or educational. My father's life and its stages of personalmetamorphosis and enlightenment documented in this text stand as a confirmation of how one can,through witness and transformation, ultimately claim one's own divine path. At this point in my life,and significantly as his daughter, it is quite meaningful for me to contribute my prose to this livingrecord.

  I'd always been fast at picking up new things. I made up for lost time now so fast that soon girls wereasking me to dance with them. I worked my partners hard; that's why they liked me so much.

  My job now was to ride a bus across the George Washington Bridge where a fellow was waiting forme to hand him a bag of numbers betting slips. We never spoke. I'd cross the street and catch the nextbus back to Harlem. I never knew who that fellow was. I never knew who picked up the bettingmoney for the slips that I handled. You didn't ask questions in the rackets.

  "[The] stamp that honors him today is the kind of recognition he deserves as a courageous Americanhero."In time my father's growth and independence would be his undoing. The Nation reprimanded him,stripped him of all powers of attorney, silenced him, and then exiled him. At first his expulsion lefthim feeling like a man without a home, much the way it had been in his childhood. Ultimately,however, it gave him the freedom he needed.

  I can't imagine how I looked when I got to the hotel. When the Lesbian and her girl friend saw me,they helped me to a bed; I fell across it and passed out.

  Every phrase was edited to increase the shock mood. As the producers intended, I think people satjust about limp when the program went off.

  I jotted down as much data as possible during the news coverage and then called the legal firmhandling my godfather's estate auction in Tennessee. Although I did reach a representative, littleInformation was given over the telephone so I scheduled a subsequent call following my return to theStates.


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