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all abnormal titans

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"The fire alarm," said the doctor, sighing. "Very well. Lizzie, follow Sister Betty."

"Oh, yes," said John Faa, "all your doings, they all get back to Farder Coram here."

"Now when your mother found herself with child, she feared to tell her husband the child wasn't his. And when the baby was born-that's you, girl-it was clear from the look of you that you didn't favor her husband, but your true father, and she thought it best to hide you away and give out that you'd died.

"Except when Mrs. Coulter comes," said Annie.

Remembering what Farder Coram had said, she tried to focus her mind on three symbols taken at random, and clicked the hands round to point at them, and found that if she held the alethiometer just so in her palms and gazed at it in a particular lazy way, as she thought of it, the long needle

"The tracks go on," said lorek Byrnison. "But I cannot."

Surprised, she tried again, with the same result. He moved far more quickly and surely than she did. She tried to hit him in earnest, wielding the stick like a fencer's foil, and not once did it land on his body. He seemed to know what she intended before she did, and when she lunged at his head, the great paw swept the stick aside harmlessly, and when she feinted, he didn't move at all.

So she walked up to the door and knocked on it firmly five times. The voices stopped, a chair scraped across the floor, and the door opened, spilling warm naphtha light out on the damp step.


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